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//  Origin:  Houston, TX
//  Genres:  R&B / Soul
//  Years Active:  2009- Present

When you say Funk, Soul, Rhythm and Blues you must be talking about THE C.I.T.Y. This vibrant and boldly fresh conglomerate of artistically talented young people brings hard work and a downright gift to take over a stage. They have an appeal backed with personal works of music that define the band and their artistic direction. This group is high energy to the third power and have worked their musical magic together for the last six years.  While doing so, they have aptly displayed their brand as visionary songwriters, composers, entertainers and skilled musicians.

They will make you beg for an encore each and every show, validating their coined slogan, "THE C.I.T.Y., We Party". They are a breath of fresh air for live music, delivering funk in increasing levels.


They will take you on a musical voyage of Funk, Hip Hop, Soul, R&B and more. They are what the future holds for live music lovers as well as those that walk their own path "unapologetically". It says it in the name, Completely In Tune w/ Yourself.


Welcome to THE C.I.T.Y.



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